Nose enhacnement in London – the worlds best?

There are few places in the world as exspensive as London. When having a medical procedure, done, this is particually true. This international city has some the most prestigous medical proffesionals of the world.

So what is involved in Nose Surgery?

Rhinoplasty is a cosmetic procedure that affects the shape of your nose. The majority of people have the surgery to remove any unwanted bumps, crooks, wide tips or to bring their nose into proportion with the rest of their face.

By simply reducing, realigning or modifying a patient’s nose you will be surprised how different a patients face can look once they have had a nose correction. You must talk to a good cosmetic surgeon first, as he will know how to provide your desired look.


There are other methods to modify your nose other than surgery, you can modify your nose without anaesthesia or a hospital. Although if won’t be a permanent as having surgery.

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An alternative option might be using a Harley Street surgery such as they have a range of famous cosmetic surgeons which have worked on many celebrities.



The nose surgery craze in the US

More than any other place, it is the US, where cosmetic surgery is most common. In fact, In 2013 over 250,000 Rhinoplasty procedures were performed in the United States with more than half of them being in New York and Los Angeles, the Top Cities for surgery. Another area of the United states gaining reputation for nose surgery is in Minneapolis Minnesota.

It is not just the glamorous places such as LA or San Diego where cosmetics is big. Minneapolis is considered the place to go to find some of the country’s top surgeons. Due to the large presence of the entertainment business looking good is big business in this area. It’s no surprise, the destination of choice for thousands of customers looking for Rhinoplasty in the Minneapolis area..Here you will find a heap of relevant information for anyone thinking about cosmetic surgery or nose surgery in particular.

before and after nose surgery

But for the situation as a whole, the general trend is actually a big surprise, considering the economic situation. People are still finding the money to have procedures done to improve their looks.  According to this report from the Guardian, Boxtox is the most popular, followed by Mammaplasty ( breast surgery). The cosmetic craze is less pronounced in the rest of the developed world.

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What to consider when having a vasectomy reversal

A vasectomy reversal can be a traumatic experience in a man’s life.  The thought and promise of being a farther can be a emotional subject. The thoughts and possibility of the operation not being successful can mean a life without further children.

The success rate is around 50%. But this is dependent on many factors. Age being the primary factor for success. The more years after a vasectomy reversal, generally it is much harder to conceive a child.

See the NHS website for some useful information on this. Obviously the opinions and statistics vary depending on who you ask, but this is a trusted resource.

My story of a perfect face. .


Before and after the nose surgery

Everyone has imperfections. Whether excess body fat, or imperfect teeth. It is the action we take which matters. For me, I always felt I had an oversized nose. I just imagined myself having a perfect face and everything would be different for me.

And actually, a lore more people than you would imagine have these kinds of options.

So last year, I decided that I would the little money I had for rhinoplasty surgery. There are many deals out there. It is considerably cheaper in places such as Tenerife. A great thing about choosing Tenerife for the surgery location, is I would get to have an amazing holiday afterward. Near to all the attractions that the island has, such as Santa Cruz opera theatre and the scenic town of La Victoria. I decided I would have a nose job cosmetic surgery in Tenerife.

That is why at the start of this year I filmed my experiences, my feelings, everything that made up my decision at that point in time. I was still very upset, knowing that this particular sugerty was not avaible on the NHS! Where does all my tax payers money goes? Some more information on the complications associated. – Get more facts and information from Tenerife best surgeons..   Common questions are answered here.